Monthly wrap: mum’s career progress

Day Fourteen and it’s Create Your Own Feature day!

So here we go, it’s asking me to commit to a regular post. Eek, I’m at a juncture where this makes me uneasy.  Is this really what I should be spending my time on?  Will it lead to me being able to provide an income for my family?  Let me at least follow the course and see where it takes me.

The point of my feature I think should be to review the progress of my career, as a stay at home mum, through to income generating mum, still able to be there for her kids, …, oh and husband, …, oh and I.

March was spent looking at my travelling diary from the early 2000s.  I’d love to write a Bridget Jones come travel diary, and of course make my millions!  My husband is convinced I can do it!

Questioning my ability to write, I then started to pursue my idea of starting a consulting business helping small businesses with marketing and web design, hence doing this WordPress course and website.

campThen came the Easter holidays.  Thankfully the end of term brought great reports for the kids so it started well.  My efforts on the professional front however were somewhat scuppered as keeping the kids amused in the day left me exhausted in the evenings.  Playdates, GreenPoint Park, Vredenheim big cat’s park , camping for Easter, wrangling with sibling rivalry, were all order of the day.

Phew, now back to school, second day in and back to the professional stuff.

So that’s the wrap!

Anyone done anything similar, grappling with the same stuff, do say, add a comment!