My name is Jo, or Joanna to my mum when I’ve done something wrong, which at the age of 45 I thought would be irrelevant, but not so.

I’m setting up this site to track my development from ex-marketing career bod, now mother of two for nine years (I really can not believe it’s been this long) through to trying to setup my own business.  I want to help small businesses with marketing, particularly building websites and understanding their customers.  I’d love to go to my butcher on the high street, give him a business card enticing him to call me to setup a web page/site.  Then I’d want to help him sell more to his current customer base and watch as his business grows.

And why am I doing this?  Well I want to be a mum, able to be present for my kids at this wonderful stage of their life.  I also need to earn an income and with this comes some fulfillment.  I’d also really like to see my customers happy, to build lasting relationships to flourish on both sides.

So take this site as what it is, me opening myself up to the outside world. If you like any of what you see, feel like giving me any input or advice, or even think there may be something I can help you with, well do contact me using the form below.