Empowering the small retailer!

Independent retailers battle to save the high street


blog65-37 (1)I love the high street!  Shopping for me has always been a chore.  I just hate malls and shopping centers.  The artificial lighting dampens my mood.  I drag my feet doing my chores, oh so many chores.  But give me the high street, I suddenly have a spring in my step. I pop in to shops that look inviting.  I mull around the small market that has popped up on the town square.  Suddenly chores don’t seem quite so bad.

It is no secret that the high street is being eroded by the dreaded chain, the huge malls and shopping centers.  But, the high street is fighting back, and The Guardian shares just a few ways they’re doing it.

How independent retailers are battling to save Britain’s high streets

A data strategy could help independent retailers to thrive

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A delightful start to the evening

the Feng Shui crystal hanging in my window reminds me of your soul a clear mini mirrored ball reflecting the light shining into it which downloads the energy of the sun and sprinkles it leaving multicoloured stamps of the light broken apart the little round rainbows stealing my attention… the seven colours making my chakras […]

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WordPress Daily Post: jolt…?

IMG_8348_webAfter a wonderful Easter camping weekend with friends, back to my blogging/web building training.  Today I’m looking at using the WordPress Daily Post as inspiration: Jolt.

I must admit to being a bit at a loss.  But here goes…

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Day Four: write a post for your target audience – A woman’s quandary

woman quandy.jpg
I write the post below originally think that my target audience was small business owners.  However, I think I may ave jumped the gun a little.  I think I’m really targetting those interested, probably other mums, with the quandary and difficulties of mums entering the workplace after a break.

So do I invest time and money in the web!

As a pragmatist, and one that likes to look for the easiest way to do things, I’d like share with you a few of my thoughts.

My question is whether it is really worthwhile for a local business to invest in the web.  Now this probably seems like a no brainer, of course you must have a web presence!  But what I’m asking is slightly different, is it worthwhile investing time and money in it?

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Day Three – visit thy neighbours

The night before last I managed to get down to day three of the WordPress Fundamentals Course, visit the neighbors. Great tip although I didn’t really manage to find any sites I wanted to follow. I’ve got a question pending so will be able to make a judgement call when I have.
The objective is to build your profile and visitors in turn to your site. I wonder how long this takes? I’d love to get a follower! I wonder whether I’ll find more info on how to do this?