It’s done! WordPress Fundamentals finished.

wordpress-logo-simplified-bgSo I’ve finished the course, yippee, and given my feedback!

I’ve a relatively attractive site and a decent number of blog posts. Have had a few visitors (although I’m not sure that a few of them have been me checking the site) and a few more hits.

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WordPress Daily Post: jolt…?

IMG_8348_webAfter a wonderful Easter camping weekend with friends, back to my blogging/web building training.  Today I’m looking at using the WordPress Daily Post as inspiration: Jolt.

I must admit to being a bit at a loss.  But here goes…

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Day Four: write a post for your target audience – A woman’s quandary

woman quandy.jpg
I write the post below originally think that my target audience was small business owners.  However, I think I may ave jumped the gun a little.  I think I’m really targetting those interested, probably other mums, with the quandary and difficulties of mums entering the workplace after a break.

So do I invest time and money in the web!

As a pragmatist, and one that likes to look for the easiest way to do things, I’d like share with you a few of my thoughts.

My question is whether it is really worthwhile for a local business to invest in the web.  Now this probably seems like a no brainer, of course you must have a web presence!  But what I’m asking is slightly different, is it worthwhile investing time and money in it?

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