A delightful start to the evening

the Feng Shui crystal hanging in my window reminds me of your soul a clear mini mirrored ball reflecting the light shining into it which downloads the energy of the sun and sprinkles it leaving multicoloured stamps of the light broken apart the little round rainbows stealing my attention… the seven colours making my chakras […]

via the multicoloured stamps — Love it Now


Day Five & Six: theme and about

Blogging Fundamentals learning about WordPress Themes and About pages.

Day Five I managed to do last night.  The key here to try out a few different themes and make sure that you’ve chosen the right one.

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Day Four: write a post for your target audience – A woman’s quandary

woman quandy.jpg
I write the post below originally think that my target audience was small business owners.  However, I think I may ave jumped the gun a little.  I think I’m really targetting those interested, probably other mums, with the quandary and difficulties of mums entering the workplace after a break.

So do I invest time and money in the web!

As a pragmatist, and one that likes to look for the easiest way to do things, I’d like share with you a few of my thoughts.

My question is whether it is really worthwhile for a local business to invest in the web.  Now this probably seems like a no brainer, of course you must have a web presence!  But what I’m asking is slightly different, is it worthwhile investing time and money in it?

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Day Three – visit thy neighbours

The night before last I managed to get down to day three of the WordPress Fundamentals Course, visit the neighbors. Great tip although I didn’t really manage to find any sites I wanted to follow. I’ve got a question pending so will be able to make a judgement call when I have.
The objective is to build your profile and visitors in turn to your site. I wonder how long this takes? I’d love to get a follower! I wonder whether I’ll find more info on how to do this?

School Holiday and Day Two of the Course

So here I am, day two of the course, 4 days after completing day one, and well, it took me two minutes. Changing the title and identity of the site.  I actually did it last time but even if I hadn’t, it would have taken me a few more minutes than two.

Here’s hoping the rest of the course goes like this as school holidays with two incredibly competitive boys doesn’t leave much time for anything.

I must also give a piece of great feedback about WordPress help.  Getting myself all confused last time I contacted help.  They, Matt Reynolds, to be more precise, was friendly, responsive, and even told me of another course with Udemy, The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0.  I had to pay for this course but it was discounted by 90% and cost USD 10.  I’m not necessarily skeptical of nature, so am taking this to be good luck and a sign that I’m doing the right thing.  I’ll get back to you on that one.

Sick mum with sick child starting WordPress course

So here I am, sick 8 year old next to me, myself sick needing the toilet every two minutes, trying to start something serious and fulfilling, on the way to building a business, to build an income for my family.  Me thinks I might be trying to achieve the impossible today.

After consulting with my trusted Monday to Sundays friends, a term we use for our closest and oldest of friends, I’ve finally succumbed to the TV babysitter so I can finish this.

I’ve joined the WordPress Blogging Fundamentals course and it’s day one, writing a post, which of course this is. This is actually my second blog post so let’s see if it’s better than the first where I had no tips from WordPress.

The advice is be specific, or general.  Now my mates have always said that I’m pretty good at sitting on the fence, but this takes the biscuit.

So while writing my post I get referred back to all the things you should have done before this Get Going Quick.

Steps I suggest:

  1. Follow the Get Going Quick 
  2. Then create the About pages
  3. Then start the WordPress Blogging Fundamentals course

Or ultimately, in the very near future, come to me and I’ll do it for you.