Day Five & Six: theme and about

Blogging Fundamentals learning about WordPress Themes and About pages.


Day Five I managed to do last night.  The key here to try out a few different themes and make sure that you’ve chosen the right one.

My current theme is Twenty Sixteen.  I love it’s clean and simple visuals.  However, I find the blog rather long winded, only being able to have the whole blog post visible rather than a summary with a click through.  I did find another theme that had this functionality, Dyad 2, but not quite the visual appeal, which will always win the day for me.  If only there was a way to use the best bits of both themes?  I think I’ll ask the question of the WordPress experts.

Day Six talks about creating a cracking About page.  I’m afraid I’ve found this day rather confusing.  It talks about creating a page, but not how this relates to the ‘About’ page.  It talks about creating a widget, but how does that relate to the About page?  I get that the Text widget talks about who you are but how does it link to the About page?  I’m not so sure I’ll be recommending this course, but at least it’s got me thinking.

Author: Jo Manzi-Crean

I'm a mum, marketer, francophile, traveler, would be writer and should be sportsman.

One thought on “Day Five & Six: theme and about”

  1. Congratulations Jo on your new website. At the beginning, it might be time consuming and a little bit difficult. But it’s fun for sure. Hope to read more from you and good luck in the world of blogging…


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