Day Four: write a post for your target audience – A woman’s quandary

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I write the post below originally think that my target audience was small business owners.  However, I think I may ave jumped the gun a little.  I think I’m really targetting those interested, probably other mums, with the quandary and difficulties of mums entering the workplace after a break.

So do I invest time and money in the web!

As a pragmatist, and one that likes to look for the easiest way to do things, I’d like share with you a few of my thoughts.

My question is whether it is really worthwhile for a local business to invest in the web.  Now this probably seems like a no brainer, of course you must have a web presence!  But what I’m asking is slightly different, is it worthwhile investing time and money in it?

stockbridge high streetSo hopefully you’re a business owner, have a set of customers you sell to or provide a service to.  And you’re probably constantly thinking about finding new customers or selling more to the ones you have, known to be the cheapest and easiest way of making more money.

A pet love of mine is food, so I’ve been looking at butchers to start with.  One awesome site I found is quite a sophisticated operation with a clean, informative and attractive website.  There are buying options and lots of ways for their customers to buy more including ancillary products and services e.g. classes.  It would seem that they really know their customer and are thinking about what they want, how they want to buy, and what other things they may want to buy.  And by the way, this is a WordPress site.

In answer to my question, to invest or not in the web, it’s probably not worth it unless you really know your customers and what they want.  Once you do, and maybe that’s you already, then absolutely, yes, go for it.  Make your life easy, make more from the same customer, talk to them, and help people like them buy from you.

This blog post was written using the tips and tricks in WordPress’s Learning the Fundamentals, Day Four: Identify Your Audience.


Author: Jo Manzi-Crean

I'm a mum, marketer, francophile, traveler, would be writer and should be sportsman.

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