School Holiday and Day Two of the Course

So here I am, day two of the course, 4 days after completing day one, and well, it took me two minutes. Changing the title and identity of the site.  I actually did it last time but even if I hadn’t, it would have taken me a few more minutes than two.

Here’s hoping the rest of the course goes like this as school holidays with two incredibly competitive boys doesn’t leave much time for anything.

I must also give a piece of great feedback about WordPress help.  Getting myself all confused last time I contacted help.  They, Matt Reynolds, to be more precise, was friendly, responsive, and even told me of another course with Udemy, The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0.  I had to pay for this course but it was discounted by 90% and cost USD 10.  I’m not necessarily skeptical of nature, so am taking this to be good luck and a sign that I’m doing the right thing.  I’ll get back to you on that one.


Author: Jo Manzi-Crean

I'm a mum, marketer, francophile, traveler, would be writer and should be sportsman.

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